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Seafin - 1961 Gentlemans Motoryacht

For Watching any of the races and events when staged on the Solent or nearby


Welcome to the motor yacht Seafin. We handpicked this elegant yacht to provide the absolute best accommodation for a day out in the Solent. The classic lines compliment fine dining and relaxed yachting. Being heavy unlike modern motor yachts, she takes the waves well without bouncing or rolling around and of course, spilling your champagne. She is a large yacht and will be more than capable of taking a vast number of guests, although we have limited the numbers to ensure you enjoy your day.

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Seafin combines the period elegance of a classic English motor yacht, with all the luxuries and amenities of modern day cruising and boat chartering. A superb sea-going boat, she has cruised from the Baltic to Paris, from London to Gibraltar and the Balearics to Italy. The Marine & Coastguard Agency has certified Seafin as a Class 5 and 6 passenger vessel able to carry a maximum of 30 guests and 10 crew all year round. Built in Southampton in 1961, she now sails in her home waters of the Solent on England's South Coast.

Toys included in a day out on Seafin