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this will be a day to remember and not to forget! Why not come to the south coast to watch this once in a lifetime event? watch the round the island race 2012 luxury sailing events around the world, UK and Europe.

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The History of the Hundred Guinea Cup Yachts

In 1851 a radical looking schooner ghosted out of the afternoon mist and swiftly sailed past the Royal Yacht stationed in the Solent, between the Isle of Wight and the south coast of England, on an afternoon when Queen Victoria was watching a sailing race.

As the schooner, named America, passed the Royal Yacht in first position, and saluted by dipping its ensign three times, Queen Victoria asked one of her attendants to tell her who was in second place."Your Majesty, there is no second," came the reply. That phrase, just four words, is still the best description of the America's Cup, and how it represents the singular pursuit of excellence.

Fastforward to the 1930's and the J Class yachts which we will see race next July came into being. Just 10 yachts were originally constructed, six in the USA and four in England. There were other designs produced but not built. During the 1930s period there were never more than four J yachts racing together. Only three originals survived the Second World War - Shamrock V, Endeavour and Velsheda. They rested and rotted in mud berths until their rebuild and rebirth as 21st Century racing superyachts. With the formation of the J Class Association (JCA) in 2000 and the development of new replica projects, there is now the possibility of a fleet of up to nine yachts racing together. THE 2012 REGATTA SERIES and the 100 Guinea Cup is the culmination of this class development, with regattas based in Falmouth and the Solent over two months


Taken in 1883 when moving photographs were a novelty, America is seen in all her beauty. The Hundred Guinea Cup started in 1851, but after yacht America beat 14 British yachts, the race became known as 'Americas Cup'. She was sold in 1870 and was raced by the US Navy. By 1942, she had suffered serious decay and later that year a snow storm collapsed the the shed in which she lay. Three years later the remains of America were burned.


With the 12Metre rating system, the aim was for the yacht to be long, but with a short water line. Ranger has a water line of 87ft, but boasting a massive 48ft of overhang, giving an overall length of 135ft. The design worked, and despite receiving the maximum rating of 76, Ranger won the 1937 Americas Cup, beating the British Endeavour II.

Shamrock V

Built in 1930, Shamrock V was the first British Yacht to be built to the J Class rule, and today is the only remaining J Class built in wood. After being launched she was continually modified with new rudders, hull shape and rig, but was still unable to beat the U.S built Enterprise. After the Second World War , an Italian man bought her and fitted the stunning birds-eye maple interior.


Velsheda was built in 1933 by Camper and Nicholson, for businessman Willaim Lawrence Stephenson and named her after his three daughters, Velma, Sheila and Daphine. She was built to the normal 12-meter regulations, and raced against some of the biggest names within the J Class title, such as Britannia, Endeavour and Shamrock. In 1937 she was laid up on a mud berth and rarely used. In 1996 she was sold and underwent a complete re-fit, including carbon mast. In 2009 she was the overall winner of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.